B2B Marketing

Success in B2B marketing has a foundation in a sound, strategic approach.

Hacks will only get you so far – what you want, if you’re looking for longevity for your business, is a long-term strategy that doesn’t depend on the flavor of the week tactics.

Inbound marketing methodology, made famous by Hubspot, is the optimal way to achieve this.

It’s a proven way of thinking beyond just services and tactics. Take the full-funnel approach based on your buyer personas and customers’ journey – with the goal of increasing your customer acquisition and revenue growth.

I will help design a blueprint for your B2B marketing strategy and then help you implement it.

What is B2B Marketing? 

Business-to-business marketing refers to any marketing activity that is geared towards another business or organization. Any company that offers products or services to other businesses or organizations usually uses B2B marketing strategies.

Effectively marketing to other businesses is a challenge for most companies. Between longer sales cycles, more involved decision-making process with multiple stakeholders, managing the leads efficiently and converting them into paying customers – B2B marketers have a lot to juggle when developing their marketing strategy.

The right approach to B2B marketing strategy is based on 5 pillars:

1. Buyer Personas

This is a key step for B2B companies. B2B products and services are often targeted to a distinct group of customers with specific needs and problems based on industry and roles and their specific use cases.

The better you define your ideal customers, the better you’ll be able to craft the right growth marketing machine, from content to attract them to the right email sequences to nurture them once they become leads. 

With my framework, your ideal buyer profiles are not just created and forgotten, but also checked often against reality and updated accordingly. 

2. A Cross-Funnel Strategy

If people don’t even know you exist, they cannot become your customers either. Once we’re on solid ground around your target audience, we’ll need to determine how and where will they best find you.

Once they land on your website, you need to give them a reason to stay and – unless they are ready to see a demo or buy – show them how to do their jobs better or solve the problem they have on their own.

Equally important, once you’ve converted them into leads through valuable content or demos, you need to follow-up and nurture them, so your sales teams can close more easily. 

Tackling the three stages in the funnel with different tactics – SEO, content offers, landing pages, marketing automation and more, helps you create a coherent journey for your ideal customers and move them towards the sale more predictably.

3. Iteration

B2B marketing strategy typically requires a shift in mindset to long-term planning. Typically, you need 3-6 months to start seeing results from SEO and content done right.

It’s an ongoing process of improvements and optimizations applied over time.

It’s about running smaller tests, optimizing, applying what was learned from the results and repeating the process.

Through a data-driven approach, we aim to understand why one aspect of the strategy performs well and why another one doesn’t – and make sure we use what we learned in the following campaigns.

4. Technology

A good growth system must have the right tech stack to support it.

Choose a single-platform approach to avoids mediocre customer experience and beef up your productivity and ROI.

Using the right CRM system, your business will be able to attract the target customers who are the best fit for your business, convert those visitors into engaged leads, and then nurture those leads into sales-ready opportunities.

5. ROI

All of the above makes little sense if you’re not actually seeing tangible results. Knowing and tracking return on investment is therefore crucial.

Before we start implementing anything, together with you we select specific and measurable business objectives and KPIs that will allows to know if we’re on the right track.

We have a 100% ROI-focused way of working, and believe in total transparency. No matter what your specific strategy blueprint includes, you will always have a clear and easy way to check against your ROI performance.

Starting on the path to growth is easy – book a 30-min consultation and we will take it from there.

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