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We’re a team of agile, experiment-addicted, creative full-stack digital marketers helping B2B tech companies with ambitious growth goals feed their sales pipeline with high-quality leads – so their business can flourish long-term.

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High Level Digital Strategy

Let’s look at your business and your goals from 360 degrees and help you establish the best ways to get there, together.


Metrics and KPIs underline each right decision. Ally with someone data-driven and take out guesswork from your marketing efforts.

Social Media Management

Social media presence – with enough social proof – is key to building authority and getting heard, and down the line, convert more easily.


SEO is the single most powerful way to reach your ideal buyers without spending an ad budget. Partner with a team who gets that.


This page didn’t write itself. Having near-native English speakers on your side who can speak your customers’ language is essential.

Content Strategy

SEO, copywriting and a data-driven approach are all key ingredients for content  to work. Attract and convert with top-shelf content tailored to each stage in you buyer’s journey.

Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots

Facebook Ads provide the best “bang for your buck” when it comes to lead gen, concept validation and even direct sales.

Email Marketing

Having a robust program of automated email sequences ensures a personalized approach whether you’re nurturing a lead, onboarding a user or upselling a product.

Some Of The Brands We Worked With

Filip was terrific. He worked hard to help us get our product launched on Facebook, and to build the initial ad campaigns and sales. Exactly the expert help we needed. He was friendly, courteous, and responsive, despite the large time difference.

Lawrence Mortenson

Co-Founder and CEO, Tesmo LLC, Data Driven eCommerce

Some time ago I asked for help in order to improve my online presence, I needed some advice on how to increase exposure and engagement. The recommendations that Filip made were so useful that I am still following them (months later).

I highly recommend his work, he’s very knowledgeable and super eager to help you.

Luis Gonçalves

Founder, Scrum Master Growth

Before I hired Filip I was not able to get any sales via FB marketing. Filip helped me understand several things about FB advertising and in the end we got to a small volume of sales in a short amount of time.

Martijn Jansen

Founder, Booki

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Automate your marketing

No matter what your budget is, we will work out the best choice of tools, channels, KPI targets and sequences to build marketing funnels that bring you more customers and help your company grow.

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