A Do-ru, not a guru.

Hi, I'm Filip.

I’m first and foremost, a Lifelong Learner.

I’m also a seasoned Full Stack Digital Marketer with a strong knack for Facebook Ads, content, marketing automation and funnels.

I’ve been helping SaaS startups and small businesses survive and thrive in the digital marketing waters since 2010. I’m a performance focused, all-around digital marketer with specialized in integrating powerful paid ads solutions with cross-funnel marketing that maps onto your customers’ journey.

Industry exposure: video tech, OTT, proptech, martech, advertising, CRMs

When you have been in digital marketing space for as long as I have (since 2010), you see a lot of fads, trends, buzzwords and flavors of the month come – and fade away just as quickly.

There are a few choice platforms that have stuck around due to sheer value they provide (ask me which ones wink).

But nothing – NOTHING – replaces a well-rounded long-term demand generation strategy that is:

  • focused on PEOPLE you’re trying to sell your product
  • platform-agnostic in its core but makes the most out of the martech at your disposal (whether chatbots or organic search optimization or marketing automation)
  • oriented towards building a repeatable ‘machine’ that will work with a couple of leads per day to thousands a month!

I have been through it all – building a buzz campaign via Twitter for Kickstarter, influencer outreach before influencer marketing was really a thing for a personal brand, achieving 4000x return on Facebook Ad spend for an ecommerce business.

With my hands on experience and know how across more industries than a typical employee has in a lifetime, I can help you guide you towards a future where your business has a system in place that generates demand and increases the LTV of your customers.

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